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Paco Mbassi &

Afrikan World Music

Paco Mbassi Orchestra is a group that has its roots in the traditional Cameroonian music, and also in the merger of the rytmes of the world. The group consists of musicians of various horizon, namely: Cameroon, Switzerland and Bulgaria.

TIME - Sonntag 2. Juni 2019 um 14:00

The Band

1.Paco Mbassi (songwriter, balafon, guitar, kalimba, Drums,vocals)

2.Christian Pulver (saxophone, flute)

3Thomas Kradolfer (bass guitar)

4.Timmy Leiser (Drums)

5.Dänu Extrem (guitar)


Born 1982 in Yaoundé, Cameroon. My first inspiration came very early of the musical tradition of Cameroon and my uncle Noa Messomo balafoniste honored with National Award for traditional music to Cameroon, 1986. Already 16 years I work mainly on music based on the percussion of Cameroon. I participated in the various workshops, among others under the direction of Lucky Zebilla (France) Rebecca Martínez-Hernández (Spain), Amadou Karama (Burkina Faso). Between 1998-2004 I made a formation of mounting, modelling and design of types of percussion.